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The Fiesta
the Awards Ceremony


Rosie and Martine work hard prepairing for the Fiesta

Bash Banner

The party after the Bash is held at the Hotel Vistalmar.
The Fiesta is held in the rear of the hotel.
Rosie and Martine do all they can to make the Fiesta the best it can be.


The trophies get better every year.
Last year they gave out liquor too.

The cooks

This year even TINO the head chef
received and award for culinary excelence
from Rosie and Steve


Under Rosies' expert guidance, the hotel staff turns the back
yard into a banquet hall.
Rosie supervises the preparation of the entire diner


Ann, Sandy and Brian enjoy
the banquets culinary delights.
Martine (rear right) supervises the food service.

winning-TEXANS in front of t-shirts

The winning team stand in front of a display
of T-Shirts from each of the previous contests.
It gives you an idea of how long the Bash has
been going on and how far the Baracuda Bash has
come. The Bash has progressed from just a few
friends hanging around the Hotel Vistalmar
with not much to do, into an annual contest
that attracts fishermen from all around the world.

First PlaceWinner JERRY MARTIN, Steve,Rene, Gabriel.jpg

The first place winner Jerry Martin,
Captain Gabriel and first mate Rene
accept the winning trophy from Steve

full crew of the winning boat

The full crew of the 1st place boat
with Steve and Rosie cheering them on.

Steve with 1st place CAPTAIN GABRIEL.jpg Party-Boat-from-Texas-1stPlace-award

Steve awarding the winning captains trophy to Captain Gabriel

Rosie has lots of fun
awarding the Certificates and Trophies

Steve-TomW-JerryM1stPlace-Bill-Rosie-Capt-Gabriel.jpg Bill and 1st place winner Jerry Martin.jpg

Captain Gabriel gets a kiss from Rosie

Bill and the 1st place winner Jerry Martin talking at the party.

Now for the

2nd Place Winner

Rosie-BarbV-Steve-Capt-Manuel-1stMate-Domingo.jpg Barracuda-2ndplace-award-with-Captain-MANUEL-and-Domingo.jpg

Rosie awards the second
place trophy to Barb V.
Capt. Manual and 1st mate Domingo

Rosie congradulates Barb.
Steve congradulates Domingo
and Capt. Manual

At least the 2nd Place Winner was a cut and dry decision.

BarbVadnais-2nd-place-winner.jpg Barb_&_capt_carlos

Barb Vandnais the proud 2nd Place
winner at the Fiesta

Eariler that day ....
Barb watches as her fish gets weighed
and finds out the SHE has come in SECOND PLACE

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