Presenting the Awards


For the first time in history of the Barracuda Bash
a woman was the winner. The 2005 first place trophy is presented to
Pia Teeuwen of Amsterdam, Netherlands, by the 2004 first place winner Richard LaLonde of Wisconsin, USA.
Pia was very proud of her handline catch.

Pia Recieving Certificate

Pia Recieves her Certificate.

Pia & her captian

The 2005 winner Pia, poses with her captian Victor Cruz
and first mate Jesus Pol Pech of the winning boat Enigma.
Rosie and Steve offer their congratulations.

Pia accepts the award

Pia accepts her award.

The Winning crew at the Barracuda Bash

The proud Captian and First mate, at the Barracuda Bash.

Jon Evans 2nd Place

The second place winner, Jon Evans from Austin Texas,
with a 16.5 lb Cuda, accepting his trophy

Jon and Capt. Gonzalos

Jon and his Capt. of the boat, Blanca Beatriz, receive their certificates for 2nd place.

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