Welcome to My Journey

There is quite a variety of places to stay on the island. From nightly hostels and hotels to weekly and monthly rentals of condo-style hotels or private houses and everything in between.
It all started and ended, here, at the "HOTEL VISTALMAR".


A view from across the street. The picture does not do it justice. The colors are bright and the open-air hall ways give you the feeling of being constantly out doors.


The view from the roof above. The street is fairly dead in the early morning. The beach is just across the street. The local fishermans boats in the foreground are a far cry from the boats some turists come in on, in the background.


In the late morning and early afternoon the ferries bring in the tourists from the big Hotels on the main land in Cancun. For a few hours the streets are crowded and the beaches are full of white skined people trying to get a tan. Though there is quite a lot to do on the island.


The view from the roof above. Looking North at the end of the day. The streets are getting quiet, everyone has gone in to get ready for the usual all nite party.


The view from the roof above. Looking South at the end of the day.


It's fun to hang out on the third floor balcony and watch the people going up and down the street. You get a very different perspective on things when you see them from this vantage point.