The Bash

Sally starts the Contest

The Bash officially begins when Sally gives the signal.


This is the first day. I am in the back of the boat next to the
Captian Don Pollo and Mike, in the white hat, is behind us in the
front of the boat Standing next to the first mate.

First days catch

This is most if not all of the first days catch.
I think there was a total of about 15 or 16 fish cought on the first day.

2nd days catch

The second day was not so good, as far as number of fish caught.
A total of 5 fish were caught on the second day.

As it turned out the winning fish was caught on the first day by a gentleman from Texas.
You can see him and his Trophy in the party after pictures.


I cought this fish on the second day.
It did not win the contest but I had fun catching it.

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