The Party After

The Banquet Table

Rosie put a lot of effort into prepairing the feast for the party at the end of the tournament.
The food was quite good. Every one was very hungry after fishing for half the day.
After the food was all gone, which was amazingly fast, the party took off.

Jack and Gerdy at the Party

Jack was a bit surprised at my admittedly very bright flash. That's his wife Gardy standing next to him.

Karen from Texas

Karen comes down from Texas to hang out and enjoy the contest.

Ann from Texas

Ann also from Texas comes down with Karen to hang out and enjoy the contest.

Notice how most everybody has light jackets or long sleves of some kind on. It was a cool and breezy night that night.

Marcus the Trader

Mark is an antique dealer from Canada. He travels the world buying and selling antiques. He was in South East Asia just before comeing to Mexico for the Tournament.

What could they be talking about???

There was a raffle held for several bottles of wine and liquor. Steve was the master of ceremonies for the raffle. The procedes were donated to a local school.
Right now Joy thinks she might be a winner. I think she did win a nice bottle of wine. Not bad for just a couple of bucks.
I love taking candid shots at parties. Its moments like this that I like to capture. People being themselves, not standing still for the camera.

The Winner of the contest

Rosie interviews the winner.

Some times candid shots do not quite work out the way you would like them to.
I do not remember this gentlemans' name but I will never forget his face.

You might be able to figure out who this guy in the center of the picture is by the fact that he is holding the winners trophy and has a big smiling on his face, both at the same time, but I will tell you anyway.
This gentleman was the winner of the contest.

His prize catch was 13.1 kg or 28.82 lbs (1 Kg = 2.2 lbs) worth of Barracuda. With just a hand line. Not bad.

Chatting at the Party

Several of the contestants at the party.

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