The Roof Top

Me on the roof

That's me on the roof enjoying the sunset. I am on the third floor roof. The trees are too tall to let you see the whole sunset from the second floor roof.

Steve on the roof

On tuesday nite steve set up the trophy to let the contestents see it and hopefully physc them up for the contest. Just another excuse for a party as far as I am conserned, but I am not going to argue about having a party. No mater what the reason I am not one to argue about having a party.

Mike on the roof

This is Mike from Minnesota. He was my fishing partner and instructor. Hand-Line fishing was completely new to me but Mike is very good at it.

Jack on the roof

Jack's on vacation and not about to argue about having a party either.

Jack on the roof

At Rosies' request, Bill was nice enough to grace us with a sample of his talent. Bill is an excelent singer and guitar player.

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